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Merry Christmas!!!

2009-12-25 10:12:57 by FalkorX

Merry Christmas to everyone out there =)

Holidays have just begun and I have my time to make some cool new stuff, so be prepared to hear some new tracks in the next few days and weeks.
Monday I'm gonna go buy my new master keyboard and I will hope it will let me create even better music. Btw it will be a Fame KC49. That's the plan.

Cheers ;)

:/ mmm

2009-10-31 20:05:31 by FalkorX

Seems like I'm late with uploading my stuff... But it's coming now.

New music coming up!

2009-08-20 11:11:20 by FalkorX

Yeahh holidays are over and i'm back at home, so i will upload some of the pieces i made in this time, they should be able to come up this weekend...

By the way I will also upload some of my older hiphop beats and 2 new beats, also finished in this holidays

Hope you like my music ;)

On the Audio Portal now!!!

2009-05-27 21:00:26 by FalkorX

It is 02:57 in the night now and I was approved by one of the audio mods some minutes ago (thanks for that)

The first submission I made was "Destination of Space Odyssey", so hear it, like it, or whatever...

To be the new guy...

2009-05-08 08:55:35 by FalkorX

So today finally the day has come for me to sign up on Newgrounds. I think soon I will post some of my audio here for everyone to hear it. But not today.